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Baptiste Vayer

Baptiste Vayer is a guitarist, performer, songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. He discovered the guitar at the age of 15, influenced by Anglo-Saxon rock and pop music, and set the first foot on stage in the band of his father musician the same year. This consuming passion will direct him towards musical studies by integrating the CMCN (Centre Musical et Créatif de Nancy). With a diploma in hand with honors and the best hope of his promotion, he participates and collaborates in numerous artistic projects on stage and in the studio. He will play with his various bands (Tys, Dyba, Sir Nash, Soul Brothers…) in the first part of artists such as BB Brunes, Pascal Obispo, Francis Cabrel, Trust, Toto, Mickaël Gregorio, La Grande Sophie, Mickaël Jones and many others. In parallel he worked and composed for AXs Music (BMG Publishing) and created his first solo album in 2020. He joined RFI and composed the album Cuisine et Funk vol.2

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