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Dorothée Rascle

After the release in 2006 of his artist album «Doo: Cold Shower» produced by Le Maquis, edited by Dreyfus Publishing, supported by Le Bureau à l'Export and distributed in the USA by Koch, Doo will invest the world of the Video Game and will compose all the music of the series «Trackmania» between 2008 and 2014.
Singer, pianist, guitarist, bassist and thereministe, she will accompany on stage and during TV shows artists like Florent Pagny, Milo, Francis Lalane or K-Maro.

She will also compose and produce numerous synchro albums for AXs Music publishers (newly BMG Publishing), RFI, SubPubMusic (LA, USA), Carlin (UK) and APM. Doo will find some of his songs in the series «Lost, les disparus» and «Ozark».

In parallel, she makes Advertising music (Peugeot, Renault).

Always looking for new and inspiring musical encounters, she will collaborate with the ex «Jack the Ripper» (Gum) on the album «Mind the Gap», with Shadow for the album «Is there Whiskey left?» and “Sisterhood Project”, which is its core business right now.

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