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Songwriter, arranger and performer, DOVI created his first soul band at 17 and went on stage. Very quickly, he starts producing for other artists: Hip-hop, RnB, Pop but also Afro, which led him to expand his scope by collaborating in artist production internationally. 2021, he writes, composes and produces the first opus of the singer Queen Etémé (SOKI), and in particular the title Kuna, broadcast worldwide and several times repeated in various reports and films.

At the same time, he began his collaboration in musical illustration, making some advertising music for the group Orange and generics, jingles for programs on RFI (Plein sud – Reines d'Afrique…). Composer of several illustration albums at RFI Instrumental since 2018, DOVI collaborates with a team of composers mainly composed of Djamel KADDOUR and Ama VAN-LARE, with whom he releases the double album «Full RnB».

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