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Elvita Delgado

Elvita Delgado was born in the state of Lara, northwest of Venezuela. She grew up in an artistic climate thanks to a father guitarist and a mother teacher of plastic art. From an early age, she showed a particular interest in music and singing. Her beginnings in music were oriented towards Venezuelan folklore and the ethnic music of her country (she will never forget her own roots, throughout her career).

Elvita Delgado is a singer, author and composer of the Latin World Jazz lineage. A very rich and varied palette of styles such as Joropo or Tonada, in short, which gives the Colombo-Venezuelan plain its strength and specificity. Venezuelan Merengue in five stages. Ritual rhythms of Cuba and Venezuela. Afro-Venezuelan drums and songs from the Caribbean coast. A multi-ethnic show of Hispano-Amerindian culture and especially Afro-Caribbean tempos, dosed with jazz, poetry, dance and good humor!

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