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Georges Bodossian

Georges Bodossian began his career influenced by French groups inspired by progressive rock.

He built the group OCEAN with whom he produced his first album "God's Clown" and got his first contract with Barclay records. This was followed by four albums, one of them live; numerous concerts and festivals, including the Olympia, Bobino, L'Hippodrome de Pantin, Le Palace, La Fête de l'Humanité; and numerous tours, with AC/DC on "Highway to Hell Tour", with IRON MAIDEN during "Killers World Tour". His musician's life was inseparable from the group until the ‘80s. After the break-up of OCEAN, he had a turning point in his artistic career, a choice which he has not given up since: the decision to work as musician, composer, arranger and director. As a composer, Georges Bodossian wrote music and soundtracks for the cinema, the television and advertising.

He collaborated with numerous interpreters, groups and producers, from the world of rock as well as variety.

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