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Hocine Boukella

For more than twenty years, Hocine Boukella, alias Sidi Bemol, has been tracing his singular paths in the Algerian musical landscape, taking us on uncharted paths as he experimented with sound. This atypical artist was unclassifiable and always claimed his creative freedom loud and clear. His first albums, an inimitable blend of traditional music, blues and rock, have earned him classification in the category "Gourbi-Rock".

But very soon, he ventured into the lands of Celtic music that he mixed with the Kabyle, Chabis and Chaouis tunes. He then published two collections of songs by kabyle sailors, soberly orchestrated, followed by an album full of Radjasthan gypsies, then he created L'Odyssée de Fulay, a musical tale at the Théâtre d'Ivry.
An outstanding character, author, composer, singer, storyteller, producer, Hocine Boukella, a biologist by training, is also a cartoonist and has published several collections under the name of Elho.

Discography :

Cheikh Sidi Bemol, 1998

Live à Alger, 2000
Thalweg, Berbéro celtic, 2001
El Bandi, 2003
Chants Marins Kabyles 1, 2007
Gourbi Rock, 2008
Paris Alger Bouzeguène, 2010
Chants Marins Kabyles 2, 2012
Afya, 2014
L'Odyssée de Fulay, 2017
Chouf !, 2020

Artworks :

Bouquinages, 1995

Uberri, 2012
Wall Day, 2014
No Comment, 2017
Chants Marins Kabyles 1, 2019
Chants Marins Kabyles 2, 2019

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