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Famille Ibrahimi

Ibrahimi Ibrahim (Father)

Born in 1972 in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, into a family of musicians, Ustad Ibrahim Ibrahimi is a renowned tabla master – classical and traditional percussion – and music composer. A graduate of Mia Sahib Qader Bakhsh Music High School, he studied with Ustad Sabz Ali Khan. He teaches at the National Music Institute of Afghanistan and works in Afghan Broadcasting (RTA). He participates in traditional but also classical ensembles, pop, jazz, rock, accompanying many musicians. He performed internationally: in Iran, India, Azerbaijan, Turkey… He took refuge in France in August 2021 after the Taliban captured Kabul.

Humayoun Ibrahimi (Son)

Born in 1995 in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, Humayoun Ibrahimi is a musician and composer of traditional Afghan music. He began tabla, dholak and percussion at an early age with his father, a music teacher. He mainly plays with his brother Haroon Ibrahimi who plays rubab. In 2014, he studied business management in Kabul. In 2017, he left his country, went through Greece where he taught music and played with several bands, then arrived in Paris at the end of 2018. He has performed in concerts and festivals, notably at UNESCO and the Town Hall of the 11th arrondissement.



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