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Juliette Mosconi

Born in Paris, Juliette is an artist, musician and composer who creates bridges between the worlds and the arts.

She participates in various independent musical and theatrical projects with artists from backgrounds and different nationalities before starting his journey as a soloist as an instrumental music composer and as an author, composer, piano-voice performer.  

In addition to the musical composition, she has initiated various projects such as the creation and staging of live performances, artistic performances in nature or the making of experimental clips related to his music. 

Her singular creations that borrows from visual and sound poetry have earned her the interest of professionals, especially in 2019, when she won the "audience award" for the original creation "Gaïa" as part of the festival of young contemporary creators and in 2022, when she won the 2nd prize RFI Instrumental for sound illustration/ music in the image. 

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