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Maria Pawliszcze

Maria Pawliszcze comes from a family with a multi-generational musical tradition.

Trained as a classical violin, she quickly turned to singing and took over the master of oud, phandouri, saz, bouzouki..

In 2004 she created her group «Čači Vorba», where she adapted a vast repertoire of traditional songs, from Russian romances to Greek rebetiko. Masha cooperates with many artists or she lends her special voice to (Kałe Bała, Village Kollektiv, Dj Click, Transkapela, Romani Bacht, Burdon, the Orchestre Saint-Nicolas, the collective Tomek Nowak Nu.).

In more than ten years of theatrical activity, Masha has recorded 7 albums on CD and performed more than 350 concerts in 17 countries.

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