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Mario Canonge

Mario Canonge is a pianist from Martinique F.W.I. He starts playing in his teen years and accompanies the church choir at Francois Church in Martinique. In1979, he starts studying music in Paris and takes part in several bands. In the early 80s, he mainly plays Latin music, notably with Manigua, before forming along with Nguyen Lê, Ultramarine, a jazz-rock-fusion band. Very much inspired by the two most famous Caribbean pianists, Marius Cultier and Alain Jean-Marie, he quickly wins recognition for his talent and starts being quite much in demand (Lavelle, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Nicole Croisille, Ralph Thamar, as well as Carter Jefferson, Chico, Freeman, Turk Mauro, Simon Spang-Hanssen…). This remarkable jazzman has become a key figure in the realm of jazz.

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