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Born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, into a family of singers and musicians, François Claude DOMINGO, aka Mbétengue, made his first mark in 1990, as a solo guitarist in the BOSAWA choir of our Lady of Congo. A self-taught musician, he learned on the street to master guitar and bass. In 1991, he joined SEDJOKA’s MELI MELO orchestra, conducted by his mother. The years spent in this group allowed him to improve as a soloist guitarist and to acquire a nascent reputation in professional circles. In 1995, he accompanied General DEFAO’s BIG STARS group on a multi-month tour of Central and Southern Africa. Spotted by a certain Koffi Olomidé in 1997, he recorded, as a solo guitarist and arranger, five records with QUARTIER LATIN and the one already nicknamed the Grand Mopao. Established in France since 2010, Mbétengué multiplies collaborations with various artists from all walks of life. He actively works on the album “Congo Basin” by RFI Instrumental.

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