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Nick Perrault

Nick’s early awareness of music comes from a real musical awakening. He continued his apprenticeship with the piano and solfège at the Conservatoire National de Bretagne up until preparatory courses. While he was a teenager, he discovered urban music, and was interested in sound techniques, with cassette players, recorders and vinyl records. In 2005, he founded the "Micronologie" group with three friends, which became a national success. At the same time, Nick composed and worked as a sound designer for institutional films, clips, TV and radio ads, and also the creation of audiovisual shows. He shared this passion by hosting M.A.O workshops in schools and penitentiaries. 350 concerts and festivals later in France and elsewhere in Europe (Transmusicales, old ploughs, Printemps de Bourges, Fusion festival).

A graduate of "Institut supérieur des techniques sonores" he moved to Paris and worked as a sales advisor at Home Studio, an iconic Pigalle store specializing in professional audio. Earlier as a sound engineer, as an arranger/director for artists, Nick focused on composition, mixing aerial pianos, synthesizers, voices and machines of all kinds with a real desire to accompany image. This is present at RFI Instrumental on the Lounge vol.2 and Paris la nuit projects, which are composed in collaboration with Jean Soullier.

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