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Paul Marius Fontaine

In Malagasy, Fenoamby is the supernatural phenomenon such as a person who has six fingers on every hand! And Paul Marius Fontaine alias (Fenoamby), is the leader and singer of the group Fenoamby.

Composer-songwriter and poly-instrumentalists (Kabossy, Valiha, Marovany, Guitar and Harmonica, diatonic accordion, Blap, percussionist, drummer) Paul Marius Fontaine (alias Fenoamby) is native of the northeast of Madagascar.

Born in Ampanefena between Sambava and Vohémar, he began to sing as an altar boy  in the Roman Catholic Church of Ampanefena and afterward started to play the battery at the age of 11 with the group Paroka which is in the bush of Ampanefena (Ankotoba) a village cultivating vanilla, coffee, some rice, Zebus etc. The entertainment after the work it is to scratch the kabossy by singing the life, the enjoyment and love.

During his life, he frequented several group bands such as The Thunders, The Spiders, The Super-jazz, 7 eagles, The Black, tropical Angels of Diégo. 

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