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Sally Nyolo

Author, songwriter, ex-singer of vocal group Zap Mama, Sally Nyolo's solo career starts with an RFI Discovery Award for her first album Tribu, which she produced as her next 7 albums (co-produced or distributed by Lusafrica, Sony/BMG, Pias/Cantos, World Music Network). Passionate about polyphonic and polyrhythmic games, mastering different sounds and languages, she has highlighted on the international stages the instruments of Central Africa, such as mvet, calabashes, kass-kass, nkule. She has produced artists from Cameroon, Guinea Konakry, France, Japan and participated in productions in Brazil, in the United States. Always in search of meetings and gateways, Sally Nyolo opens a window, with this instrumental, album on the vibrant musicality of Cameroon.

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