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Thomas Julienne

Thomas Julienne is an eclectic and singular musician. Above all, he stands out as a composer and arranger. He practices an open and differentiated transmission of pedagogy. As a musical composer, Thomas Julienne combines his talents as a multi-instrumentalist (Double Bass - Guitar - Oud – Sitar), the multiplicity of his experiences and his skills in computer-assisted music. His creations illustrate his vocabulary; his palette allows him to use the richness of the «jazz language», the experimentation of timbres and the legacy of symphonic music. In his image work, he seeks to create an intimate relationship with artists in order to sublimate cinematographic or photographic creations. It is in Theorem of joy that he is most famous today as a leader: «A very singular music, very carefully elaborated, which moves between the best of progressive rock, jazz, and a form of pop music (very) sophisticated . The invited instrumental ensemble does justice to a writing of a beautiful density, marked by the beginning of the twentieth century, and which does not yield to the facilities of the genre. The lyricism of the writing is indisputable, mastered but not constrained. In short, it is a success, on an ambitious project that has been fully accomplished." The DNJ/ Xavier Prévost

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