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Professionnels de l'audiovisuel

Created in 2007, RFI Instrumental is a professional music library for the audiovisual sector (television, radio, cinema, advertising etc). With several thousand musical illustrations covering some 50 different genres, the on-line store offers station identifications, music from around the world and soundscapes from all five continents.

RFI Instrumental’s originality is inspired by what makes RFI a leading international radio station: the diversity of its teams; its multilingual editorial offer and its extensive network of partner radio stations across the world.

Thanks to this unique know-how, RFI Instrumental also offers made-to-measure music creation services for other media and companies operating across all international sectors.
Benefiting from RFI’s acknowledged expertise, clients receive a sound identity project that takes into account their cultural specificities and the values they embody.




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Stéphane Poulin

Head of Music Publishing
France Médias Monde

Tel : +33 1 84 22 79 92


Marion Bellahsen

RFI Instrumental Manager and Sync
France Médias Monde

Tel : +33 1 84 22 74 17


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