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30 October 2015

UN DÎNER PRESQUE PARFAIT is a french TV cooking show broadcasted on W9 testing five candidates who will judge each other on the art of receiving guests at home, the quality of cooking and the decoration of the table.

The track Guingette from RFI Instrumental was used in order to refer to a diner on the "Guinguette" theme.

29 October 2015

Since 1999, 360° GEO is broadcasted on Arte. This magazine narrates extraordinary stories and unusual meetings all around the world, from Scotland to Angola, cities and campaigns.

Klezmer music by RFI Instrumental has been used in the magazine untitled "The man who whispered to the ear of chimpanzees" on Arte.

23 February 2015

Avianca is a colombian airways company who uses our music for its online advertising.

30 July 2015

The France 3  magazine, Météo à la carte offers reports in France et topics on stages which allow to understand the impact of weather on health, nature, history and everyday life.

This TV magazine uses RFI Instrumental track intitled "Adekemi Kora" to illustrate a subject regarding a zoo in France.

23 February 2015

The french reality show called "4 mariages pour 1 lune de miel" broadcasted by TF1 used one of RFI Instrumental music for the show.

The show depicts 4 weddings' preparations. The idea is that the future bried gives a grade to the 3 other candidates according to 4 criterias:

  • The reception decoration
  • The dinner
  • The atmosphere
  • The wedding dress
29 May 2015

French TV show broadcasted on France 5 the show "On n’est pas que des cobayes !" depaints a team of experts who test projects to answer scientific questions. 

RFI Instrumental music was used to illustrate this show!

23 February 2015

Milkana a French cheese specialist leader, trusted RFI Instrumental for the creation of its sound identity in Togo, Ghana and Angola.

23 February 2015

The Danish channel Kanal 5 uses After in Paris song called "Week-end L" for "Big Band Theory" promotion video.

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The show broadcasted on CBS tells the story of five friends who live California. Four of them are geeks and Penny, a woman who is a waitress and dreams to become an actress. The geekiness and intellect of the four guys is contrasted for comic effect with Penny's social skills and common sense.


Custom made

RFI Instrumental offers two main activities :


  • Creation of bespoke music

RFI can create customised music for a wide variety of needs - institutional sound identity for companies, signature tunes, jingles, trailers for the media - ensuring an efficient and adapted end product.

Good to know: Getting sound identity right is of upmost importance for a company as it is one of the most identifiable elements when promoting a brand, product or media.




  • Studio 5.1

Searching regularly for new ambient sounds in order to enrich your audiovisual productions?

Radio France Internationale produces for you ambient sounds from all around the world in multi-channelling for broadcast use.



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