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Nicknamed Dj all terrain, international reference in music mixing, DA, producer on his label No Fridge, he produced about thirty albums in his studio (Click Here, Rona Hartner, Gnawa Njoum Experience, Hamadcha de Fés, Christine Salem, Masha Natanson, Ittai Binnun, UHT°). 
He has made amazing remixes like those of Manu Chao, Watcha Clan, René Lacaille, Warsaw Village Band, Nicolette, Mahala Raï Banda, Sofiane Saidi, Burhan Öçal, La Caravane Passe, High Tone, Issa Bagayogo, Nawal, Mascarimiri, Trad.Attack! , Rachid Taha... 
Tireless explorer armed with his mobile studio, he meets incredible musicians around the globe, always looking for the tempo for new collaborations or for RFI Instrumental (Albums: Colombia, Tanzania, Reunion Island, Ukraine, Jerusalem, Poland, Morocco, Chile, Turkey, Tajikistan, Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania..)

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