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KALISS is an Ivorian artist who in the 2000s formed the "FORMULE 2 Group" with which he made his first recording. In 2005, the band released the album «Hommage à la femme» dedicated to women. It is with this first opus that they make themselves known to the general public in Ivory Coast. This was followed by numerous concerts across the country, and television performances.

In 2006, Kaliss took off and started a solo career by releasing a first album under his own name. In 2013, he innovated in a second album by giving a more «World" sound to his music. Accompanied by quality video clips, he ensured a presence in the Ivorian media and was offered the front page of the first bilingual Pan-African international daily (IVOIREBUSINESS.NET) in April and May 2013. It became a work of reference  in Africa and gained the respect of professionals.

In 2015, he released his third album, with electro sounds that allowed him to position himself on the international market.

In 2019, he actively works on the album "Ivory Coast" with anthentic and modern music from all parts of the country.


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