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Manu Dibango

Soul and Makossa. "World Music", a two-word universe, was born in the early 70's. For the first time Africa, in the form of Cameroon Makossa, nosed its way into soul, the heir to jazz and rhythm'n blues. 

As is often the case, this particular stage in musical evolution, which today is considered as capital, was at the time nearly missed, the b side of a single which should never have got further than the suburbs of Douala. The grandpappy of Makossa Soul, Manu Dibango, plays a key role in our century. Okay, so his work is uneven. That is because he is not after perfection and success every time. Dibango is at least as much a journalist, an anthropologist or a philosopher as he is a musician. Without him, "World Music" would no doubt have existed all the same, but it would have taken at least fifty years longer!

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