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The roots of this project can be found into traditional music. Traditional music is part of my day to day life. Nicodrum wanted to share with you his love for this music, and offer you an album he named “Back To Fundehchan”. This album is my way to say give thanks to this music he loves.

We aim this project to an invitation to a musical journey. This project is lead by Nicodrumand 17 disciples. Every musician is master of his own discipline as this project goes from roots music from the 70s, to bossa nova, world music, jazz and more. No more than 12 tracks have been recorded.

Many instruments were used for the recordings, most of them were organics. To name a few we could mention flute, saxophone, melodica, horns section...and of course the full set of Jamaican percussions named Aketeh and many accessories such as guiro, cabassa...

Bass and guitars are used on most of the tracks. This gives more audio homogeneity to the project.

This project was recorded in two steps. We first recorded the core of each track. We often started with percussions, guitar, and keyboards. This allowed us to concentrate on rhythm and harmonies first before going to next step and record specific instruments for each track. Second step aims to provide the colour we wanted to get.

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