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Sadok Tounsi

Born in Tunis (Tunisia), Sadok TOUNSI grew up in a musical atmosphere between the songs of Ali Riahi and the superb voice of Saliha. Settled in France since 1980, he created his first band «Noujoun Saâ3ida» with which began his first stage performances. In 1985, je met Algerian singer Rail Rachid Taha and together they created the band «Carte de Séjour». After writing a few songs for the latter, Sadok released his first album in 1989, including the title «Lasmar ma Jeni» and in 1990 a second opus that allowed him to do a number of concerts and tours. Participating in the emergence of Raï in France, he worked alongside artists of all kinds and participated in many musical projects: Hip Hop, Afro, Oriental Music etc. Recognized as a songwriter, composer and performer, Sadok is considered an essential player in the story of Tunisian music.

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