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Sam Tranchet

Sam Tranchet is a 20-year-old composer and musician. After 12 years of piano lessons at the Angoulême Conservatory, as well as lessons in music theory, violin, guitar and flute. From the age of 12, he composed his first pieces of music as a self-taught: a passion that follows him on a daily basis. Very quickly, he became interested in writing for symphony orchestra, which later led him to compose (orchestration and arrangements) for classical festivals such as "the Violin on the Sand" or "Symphony on the Grass".
In parallel to the symphonic writing, he had the opportunity via several courses to perfect his mixing techniques, for the composition of electro music, which interests him just as much.
In addition, he is currently preparing a Bac +3 in music production at the SAE in Paris. But it is also towards musical synchronisation and sound illustration that he is heading, with the composition of the BO of several television films:

- "Une nuit au Louvre avec Lambert Wilson" (France 5)

- "Le K Benzema" (Canal +) en co-composition avec Alexis Rault

- "Black Panther Power" (Canal +)

- "Etoilées" (Canal +)

- "Il a déjà tes yeux" la série (France 2) 

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