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Souleymane Tounkara

Composer and nconi and acoustic guitar player, Solomane Tounkara also called DJ Solo, mixes griot music with Malian traditional dance tinged with authentic songs.

Passed on from father to son, DJ Solo is a griot. He began by playing the tam-tam and then the guitar. From 1983, DJ Solo hasplayed with various professional musicians such as Fairwall, Black Kourou, Tracy Chapman, Sheik Amala Diabaté, Charles Aznavour, Kassav (Jacob Duvarié), David Gildin, Toumani Diabaté, and Alifarka Touré.

Festivals : Francophonies in Quebec; Africa Nights in Montreal; World Music in Angoulême;  in Musiques M in Angers.

In New York, DJ Solo has given guitar lessons in universities about Mandingo music in New Jersey, Baltimore, Marineland, Washington, Howor University.

He set up a community health center in Kita, a village in Mali in the municipality of Boudofo, in the region of Kaye. The center provides access to drinking water to the villagers and also helps families wishing to adopt orphans.


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