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Legal notes

Legal notes on the website

Legal Information:

Publisher:Radio France international, national broadcating company with capital of 23 045 660 Euros, registered with the R.C.S. in Nanterre, serial number 501 524 029. Head Office : 80, rue Camille Desmoulins 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux Publications Director : Marie-Christine Saragosse - Contact:00331.

Personal data :

RFI Instrumental website is hosted by SFR France - 42 avenue de Friedland - 75008 Paris - France - RCS Paris 403106537 - Téléphone : +33(0)1 70 18 60 00 et Akamai - 12 rue Oradour-sur-Glane - 75015 Paris - France

Declaration to the CNIL :

The creation of the internet site has been declared before the Commission Nationale Informatiques et Libertés.(National Commission of Information Technology Freedom)

Collection of personal data :

Personal data is that information which, whether directly or indirectly, allows the identification of a user, and potentially links that user with the data collected.

Cookies :

Information of a non-personal nature may be collected by RFI when the user is navigating the web site, via the use of 'Cookies'. Cookies are small text files used in a websites for the recognition of its users, to enable the personalisation of the site for the person browsing it. Cookies are not programmes, and cannot under any circumstances disrupt or damage the internet users, nor can they destroy any documents or modify programmes.They are used mainly to collect information which relates to the pages visited, and the dates and the times the pages are browsed. RFI does not check the use made of the cookies by a third party, for example by announcers, or that resulting from the use of the site hosted by a third party. At any time you may protect yourself from the use of cookies by using the functions available within your browser software. However you should note that certain of the site's functionalities demand the the use of cookies (personalisation, alerts etc)

Storage of information

Your information is stored on our internet server as well as on paper. The confidentiality of this information is guaranteed by the technical and organisational measures put in place which prevent any unauthorised use, as well as preventing their loss or accidental destruction. Personal data is retained at least for the period of our business relationship.

The reason for the use of personal information :

Personal data is used to ensure the provision and availability of online music provided by

Passing of personal data :

We do not pass on personal data to any other body, except in the following cases:

• Occasionally we may permit access to your information for a limited period by a third party provider, who may require access to carry out software or hardware maintenance of the site.

* We pass your information to the authorities or bodies responsible for applying the law, particularly regarding the use and payment of authors' rights.

Your rights

You have the right to correct all possible mistakes in your own data, and to alter all data you have already given us. Please inform us of any changes to your data, to allow us to update our database.


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