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Musical creation

Looking for original music to make your company's image stand out?

Radio France Internationale - sound creation can create customised music for a wide variety of needs - institutional sound identity for companies, signature tunes, jingles, trailers for the media - ensuring an efficient and adapted end product.


  • An audio logo for a unique brand identity

Getting sound identity right is of upmost importance for a company as it is one of the most identifiable elements when promoting a brand, product or media.


Our offers for all media




Deadline : in case of emergency, upon receipt of the detailed briefing, we can deliver a proposal of custom-made music in less than 24 hours.

Request for a quotation

If you'd like to contract our services for custom-made music creation, please fill in the form.





Stéphane Poulin

Tel : +33 1 84 22 79 92


Marion Bellahsen

Tel : +33 1 84 22 74 17


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