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Cajun Roosters

From left to right: Michael Bentele, David Buyle, Chris Hall

Chris Hall (Cajun and Zydeco accordion, vocals, scrubboard, triangle)

Since the 70’s Louisiana accordion boss man Chris Hall has become widely known through his work with R.Cajun & the Zydeco Brothers. His reputation is such that he was part of the band put together by ex Beatle Sir Paul McCartney to record his “Run Devil Run” album. With the Cajun Roosters he fronts a powerhouse band on vocals, Cajun accordion, triple row Zydeco accordion and occasional rubboard, all learnt from the masters at first hand.

David Buyle (fiddle, guitar,vocals)

A fine, award winning, musician, belgian born David Buyle has a rare and uncanny ability to really get to grips with the subtlety of the Cajun style and capture the elusive Louisiana feel. He has studied the masters with great passion and has emerged as one of the few players outside Louisiana who really understand how to get the real Cajun sound. The fiddle is an essential part of Cajun music playing complex rhythms and soaring solos. He locks into a groove with the accordion that forms the driving front end of The Roosters sound. On Zydeco numbers he plays electric guitar or scrubboard.

Michael Bentele (bass, guitar)

Has known the Louisiana Cajun scene for many years. During the 80's he went to Louisiana for the first time to do an interview with legendary Cajun fiddler Dewey Balfa and other Cajun musicians for a documentary film about the music. From that moment on he has been in love with the sounds of the swamp and has spent his time studying and playing the music of his heroes, writing articles on the music for national press, running his own Cajun record label, and organising the well known annual  'American Cajun, Blues & Zydeco Festival' for 17 years in Germany. As a documentary film maker and TV director of many legendary music shows he has been around many kinds of music all his life. Yet one thing has remained constant, his love and passion for Cajun and Zydeco. He plays bass with drive and soul and switches to acoustic guitar on some songs for a more back porch feel.

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