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Choduraa Tumat

Choduraa Tumat is a touva. Originally from the Touva Republic, a small enclave at the foot of the Saian Mountains in southern Siberia, Choduraa is internationally recognized as the first female interpreter of diphonic singing. This vocal technique called khömeï being the prerogative of men, it is secretly that she learns to sing. Thirty years ago she founded the Tyva Kyzy - literally the Daughters of Touva - the first female diphonic singing ensemble. Today, Choduraa Tumat divides her life between touring around the world and teaching at the Kyzyl Conservatory.

The diphonic song touva is inspired by the sounds of nature: the roll of the pebbles in the river, the wind that makes the herbs rustle in the steppe... The melodies that Choduraa interprets are those of a Turkish-speaking nomadic people, proud to have preserved its traditions and its music.

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