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Pedro Pedrosa

Ever since I can remember, music has always played an important role in my life. Born in Don Benito (a small town in Extremadura, Spain), I first got involved in music playing the electric guitar on my own. Soon after that I became a member of several local rock bands and I ended up studying classical guitar at the Conservatory of Music with Professor Angel Horrillo. I hold the degrees of Bachelor of ArtsMajor in History and Art History and Bachelor of Music at the University of Salamanca. It was there, in Salamanca, where my first approach to Flamenco took place, first with Manuel Lora, later in Madrid with Oscar Herrero and in Córdoba with Javier Muñoz "Tomate". 

I felt strongly influenced by the poet Remigio González "Adares", accompanying him in various recitals in Salamanca. I further broadened my studies by attending flamenco guitar lessons with Manolo FrancoJuan Manuel Cañizares, and Rafael Habichuela in Granada. During those years, I was requested by the Gothenburg Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), as a teacher and musician to collaborate with the sculptor Graham Stacy, in a tribute to the Spanish artist Pablo Palazuelo.

Alongside my interest in Flamenco, my passion for Jazz music grew up and I moved to Madrid to learn from renowned musicians such as Joaquín ChacónChema SáizRichie Ferrer and Santiago de la Muela, as well as to attend courses with others, e.g. Pat MethenyRoni Ben-HurJonathan KreisbergAntonio ToledoSteve WilliamsSanti Debriano and Bob Mover

Over the years I have collaborated with artists of different styles, such as Córdoba songwriter Chico Herrera, singers Luli Sahar or Cristina Reina, flamenco guitarist Víctor "Tomate" and pop-rock bands like "Perfil Pájaro" and "Tela de Araña", with whom I am currently recording their debut album.

Occasional bass-player, my main instrument  is guitar (Spanish & electric), no doubt about it. With competence in leading bands and a remarkable background in rock and jazz, I have the necessary skills and knowledge to teach additional subjects such as FlamencoFree Improvisation or History of Music.

I currently live in Madrid where I work as a Music teacher in Secondary Education, but I am always looking forward to learning more about music as well as to meeting new people and places that could become an inspiration to me. Music is my life, and I want to live for Music.

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